Bell Forest Exotic Wood Cutoff Package Review

Recently I purchased the the Bell Forest Exotic Wood Cuttoff Package for $25.00. Shipping for this order was a heafty $13.48 so I suggest throwing some other things in your cart if you decide to buy. I've never purchased wood online so I thought this would be a good way to test the waters and since I make a lot of small boxes, I figured this package would suit my needs. The website says it's a 10lbs. package and that's exactly what I got. The first thing I did when it arrived via UPS was to throw it on the scale to make sure I wasn't being shorted and it ended up being just a fuzz over the advertised weight. Pieces ranged from 25" to 2" long with thickness varying from 1/8" to 1 1/2". Although I can't identify every piece of wood, there was some zebra wood, purple heart, yellow canary, rosewood, ebony, wenge, rosewood, lacewood and some others.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty good mix of species in various sizes. The only issue I have is that the picture on the website looks to be about 15-20lbs. and could be deceiving to some.


Check out this package and Bell Forest's huge selection of lumber...