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weekly woodworking wrap-up review

Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review #42 (The Shrunken Woodworker)

October 28, 2014

A special Halloween episode! The SHRUNKEN Woodworker!

How To Make a Wine Box with the Incra I-Box Jig

October 24, 2014

Quick and easy wine boxes that makes a great gift when paired with a bottle of wine

resaw on the bandsaw

Resaw on the Bandsaw Without Gadgets

October 16, 2014

I show you that you can resaw on the bandsaw without any special tools or gadgets.

weekly woodworking wrapup review

Weekly Woodworking Wrap-up Review #41 (A Quick One While He's Away)

October 14, 2014

An unexpected quick Weekly Wrap-up before I take off! Surprise!

whiskey display

Making a Whiskey and Shot Glass Display

October 10, 2014

Overview video of how I made this whiskey and shot glass display.

jay bates

"Weekly Video Vlog Video" by Jay Bates

October 9, 2014

Jay Bates from Jay's Custom Creations made this great parody video of the Weekly Wrap-up.